I started out to learn web design for my own personal site.
Along the way, I've been fortunate to become involved in putting together
websites for some of my favorite people...
Sonia Lee's new product to help young girls find the right man.
The Shoebox Man Kit.
Idlewheel Website Craig Bickhardt and I are Idlewheel.
I'm also Batman (-ish)
Singer/songwriter and
recovery music artist
- Sonia Lee
Bill Halverson website Legendary Engineer, Producer
and Arranger (CSNY, Cream, Eric Clapton,
Bad Company, etc.)
- Bill Halverson
Poco's virtuoso steel guitarist,
Rusty Young is now available
for your recording session
at Sessioncats.com
Sessioncats website
keith miles website
Singer / songwriter
and P.R. guru by day
Keith Miles
Singer / songwriter
and story teller -
Lee Domann
Lee Domann Website