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And speaking of free Christmas music, click on over to Craig Bickhardt's site. Go down the left column to the "Free Download" button, sign up for Craig's newsletter, add your free song to the Poco Christmas tunes and 'voila' - a little nog and your holiday is complete.. Craig and I will be doing an Idlewheel show - opening for Poco on December 30th in Sellersville, PA.

Here's wishing all of you a wonderful Christmas and Holiday Season. Stay warm, enjoy your loved ones and remember to cough into your elbow..

As my dog, Lila likes to say this time of year, "Yes, I'm sleeping on "your" bed - shut up and get me a snack!"


I hope you all had a wonderful, warm Thanksgiving with friends and family. <><><> Rusty and I are working on another soundtrack for a children's book that's being adapted to DVD. He brought me a turkey sandwich today. I gobbled it up. <><><> By request, I've put the link back up at Sessioncats.com for free downloads of Poco Christmas songs. We recorded them a few Christmases ago but like Christmas, they seem to show up the day after Thanksgiving every year.
8 out of the 30 graduates from the Oklee High Class of '67 got together at Cliff and Barb's place in Oklee (along with a bunch of other folks) for an afternoon wing-ding on Halloween. We've known each other since we were born. I think all of us in this picture went to grades 1-12 together. So good to see these guys. Thanks to Ardis for sending me the photo. I'm not sure who took it - I'll guess it was cousin Tim. L-R: Peggy, Emily, Ardis, Cliff, Mary, Don, Daryl, some goofball.

autumn_shipbrg_paThere has been a flurry of activity for me over the past couple of weeks. Another "more fun than you can shake a stick at" weekend with my first band (1965-69) The Backstreet Journal. We've done this a few times now, and we continue to do it because it's such a blast. We grew up, musically, together; went to college together; traveled a million miles across the frozen north together.. So great to see old friends again. And there were a whole bunch of Thief River Falls, MN Class of '67 folks there as well. A big 60th Birthday Cake for everyone reminded us of just how old we are - not very.. What a sweet time. Thanks you guys.. Poco is just back from Grand Rapids, MI - where we did a Performing Arts Center show with Pure Prairie League and Firefall. Thanks to our friend Chad for manning the merchandise booth. I think we'll be doing more of those shows in the future. Great to share the bill with all those guys... While in MN, my brother and I got my Dad moved into new digs. I hope you're comfy and warm, Pa. Oh, and a correction: I mistakenly placed Pennsylvania in New England on my last post. I've been educated on the boundaries of New England and I won't repeat my error. (photo by Lorray Owen-Tupy - Standing L-R: Howard Hirdler, Marv Carlson, Larry Johnson, I have no idea - but he's in the same pose - and wearing the same clothes - in both of these photos - how odd.., Steve Lehr. Seated L-R: Tyler Lindeman, Chuck Larson, Al Shirley)

autumn_shipbrg_paAutumn in New England - and this year, it's been a beautiful one. Poco drove through a good slice of eastern PA on our way to Shippensburg, a quaint little town steeped in both Revolutionary and Civil War history. We played the local Performing Arts Center with our friends Pure Prairie League and Firefall. Our touring season is winding down now. I'd like to thank all the Poconuts for supporting us.You guys are absolutely the best! It's been a fun and busy year. Rusty and I have more kid's projects in the works and I'm also chomping at the bit to do some solo recording. No complaints.. (pic:Shippensburg roadside)
10/4/09 - - - NEW MUSIC - - -

M. Bird (aka Megan Birdsall) has finished her CD project of new, self-penned music. I co-produced, along with Megan and her co-writer/partner, Michael Smith. The songwriting is a unique blend of Jazz/Country/R&B and modern alt-rock. CLICK HERE to listen to the music and pick up a disc or download from CD Baby.

Also, there's a new disc out by Jeff Larson. Rusty Young played steel on the project. We did the recording here at my place as part of the SessionCats.com service. The CD is produced by America's Gerry Beckley. Sweet stuff. Check it out at: jefflarson-music.com.


This was what I saw when I walked out of a downtown Nashville building the other night around 6:30 pm. My first thoughts were either a 'ghost building' (not common), or some kind of abduction taking place (more common). Pretty awesome lighting, big guy.

The big news at my house is that I've been practicing my upright bass for Poco's upcoming Wildwood Springs shows. We're going to do the "Rose of Cimarron" album - bluegrass style. I actually had to dust the thing. Playing the upright bass requires muscles that I haven't heard from in years. I've got my fingers crossed - although that does make it harder to play...

An auspicious date, so I hear. I'll tell you why. My Dad, Omar (pictured here in mid-concerto) is celebrating 92 years old today. How awesome is that! All my love to you, Pa..

BTW - I turned 60 day before yesterday. I feel good - can't complain. I do feel a bit older - recovering a bit slower from travel marathons and such, but I have so much to be grateful for - and near the top of that list is the fact that today I realize I have so much to be grateful for..

Whoa - a month since my last post.. Poco has been busier than ever this summer. Just got back from a few shows with Loggins and Messina. What a great time! We were joined by Poco founding father, Richie Furay - as well as original drummer George Grantham and original guitarist, Jim Messina. So nice to see George G. up on stage again. It's a real treat for me to join this bunch as the earlier members sit in. The fans were, as usual, their awesome selves - thanks to all! (pic is a photoshopped composite of a couple taken by Poconut Bev - L-R: Rusty Young, Richie Furay, George Lawrence, Paul Cotton, George Grantham, Jim Messina and some old, chubby guy).


The new CD, "Beyond the headlights" by Keith Miles is now available. I'm real proud to have sat in the producer's chair for this one. We had a great time and worked with some of the finest musicians in Music City. Go to Keith's website to listen / buy this very cool set of music. We also did a video of his song, "I Like To Drive" (I held the camera - you can call me 'Mr. Cinematographer') which you'll also find on Keith's site. This is American music by one of the good ones..


I'm recently back from a particularly tiring stretch of travel. I certainly felt my age on this one. While I was traveling, our big 'ol, great ol' dog Nolen died. He was 14 or 15 years old (not sure because we found him huddled in the middle of a busy road in the rain). His heart gave out. Thankfully, his death came quite suddenly. He was the greatest guard dog in the world. He kept the mailman from attacking us for all those years. We miss you big guy.

Father's Day coming up June 21st. I'll be heading up to see Dad. Meanwhile, Craig Bickhardt and I did a video (shot and edited by Keith Miles and Cindy Wall) for the song "Father's Day" which is on my CD, "By My Own Hand". So, OK, here's the plan - we need everyone to send a link to this video out to everyone on their address list. By Father's Day, I'm thinking several million views! Hell, it might even go bacterial!


So we have this lovely dog, Lila. She's young and frisky and even though I was taking her for long walks daily, she still had energy to burn. One day I was poking around the internet for some options - maybe a backpack or something - and I came across dog scooters. This clip was done soon after I got the scooter for her. Since this, she's taken to running like the wind while taking me for a ride. She loves it! And with her sled-dog geneology, I think it's a great fit. I could be imagining this, but I think she understood the word, "Mush" immediately.. (camera work by cousin Tim).


I'd like to thank everyone for all the good thoughts, prayers, cards, calls and donations that you gave to me and my family at the passing of my mother, Erma. She was a great lady and mom and she'll be dearly missed by all who knew her. Erma was born in Fosston, MN on April 5th, 1919. She died after a long bout of failing health at age 90 on May 10th, 2009. Omar and Erma raised me and my 2 brothers in Oklee, MN, where my dad was the publisher of the local newspaper from 1947 to 1971. Erma assisted with the newspaper business as well as being a homemaker and mother. She also sewed a lot of our clothing when we were grade-school age. She fed us well and worried us all through 12 grades of school. We were never once without love. Rest easy mom. You've earned it.



How cool is this? I'm grateful to have been a part of this illustrious crew at the Stagecoach Festival in Indio, CA. last weekend. These are the guys who toured incessantly back in the 70s to establish Poco as a seminal artistic force in American music. Here's a bit of back-stage insider information -- everyone smiled a lot.. L-R: George Lawrence, Rusty Young, George Grantham, Richie Furay, Timothy B. Schmit, Jim Messina, Paul Cotton and whatsmyname. Photo by Claudia Upton.


Poco will reunite with Timothy B. Schmit, Richie Furay, George Grantham and Jim Messina for a show at the Stagecoach Festival in Indio, CA next week. CLICK HERE FOR REUTERS ARTICLE.

And since I'm linking articles (isn't this internet thing just fab!), here's a Philadelphia Inquirer article on my friend, Craig Bickhardt.


Don't ask.


Poco lost a long-time great friend this past week. Bill Herzog has been knowing the band since the 1960s. Always humble, always cheerful, always a joy to be around.

And not to mention that his "Zogtone" line of clothing kept us all stylish.. You're already greatly missed by a whole lot of folks - rest easy, Zog..


Poco did 2 shows at the Atlantis in Reno, NV last weekend. So good to get back out on the road. Sandy Ficca from Firefall sat in with us so George Lawrence could attend the NAMM convention in LA. Sandy, you did a fine job, mate. Also on the bill: Pure Prairie League (with Sandy on drums for the injured Rick Schell) and Firefall (oddly enough, as a trio without Sandy on drums). The 3 bands work together quite often. It's a good feeling to be out on the road with good friends and true professionals like these guys... Work here continues on Keith Miles' new project, as well as the Megan Birdsall CD... I took a couple of extra days after our Reno shows to go skiing at Lake Tahoe's Heavenly Mountain ski resort . Awesome! I love to ski and just haven't had the chance to do it in about 4 years. The mountain air, the breathtaking view - truly refreshing!


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