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poco played our last gig of the year in owensboro, ky saturday night. thanks to all the poconuts who came out. firefall tore it up, as usual. it's been a wonderful year for the band, y'all. looking forward to more of the same, and then some, in '07. it's back to websites, graphics, ebay and whatever else i can find - not to mention a bit of home renovation. my cup runneth over - and spilleth in my lap.. merry christmas to all.. (p.s. - new photo gallery)
i've posted the christmas music that poco recorded last year on sessioncats.com
we haven't had a chance to record any new christmas music this year. if you don't already have it, go get ya some..
i've just downloaded (and paid for) a couple of old 70s funk tunes that i used to do in bar bands 30 years ago. i'm having a ball relearning them. "bad luck", by harold melvin and the blue notes, and "shining star" by earth, wind and fire. both a good workout on the bass. i haven't played that style for a long time. my new lakland "duck" dunn bass has rekindled my interest... i'm also slowly getting to the repair/remodel of our 1920-ish house. i hope to get it all ready for market while i'm off the road this winter. wish me luck..
for poconuts only. fyi, this is only for fun - i know i'm delusional, but c'mon..
dr. al tells me that the beautiful silver 'running horse' pins he's been selling for the george grantham fund are all gone. however - don't despair - there are still some of the horseshoe pins left, so click here quick and get one... cabo san lucas, mexico was absolutely gorgeous. poco stayed at the marquis hotel. even though it's a high class joint, they didn't kick me out. you gotta love 'em for that. we performed for a renewal of vows ceremony on the beach. the setting, the people, the night - awesome. one of the statements delivered by the padre was, "marriage is not about finding the best mate, it's about being the best mate". beautiful words, indeed.
as i learn more about web stuff, i like to play with the look of my site. hope y'all like it. i've added a 'store' page. my own cd, and 'idlewheel' are available here. i'm thinking of adding a nice coffee bar to the store as time goes on. maybe cheery name-tags for the employees... i'm off to st. louis with pure prairie league tomorrow. my best to mike reilly - get well soon, my friend. we're all thinking about you...
i've had a great time playing with pure prairie league. i'm only filling in, until ppl bassist mike reilly gets to feeling better, but i'm really enjoying the music and the guys in the band. this past week, original steel guitar player, john call was on board, as well. i'll be with them this weekend in st. louis. then, next week, poco does its annual trek to the wildwood springs lodge, in steelville, mo. 3 days of fun and frolic with poconuts from around the world... autumn is coming to music city. my favorite time of year..
wow.. where does the time go?.. anyone?.. feels like i've only been home this summer, as paul says, 'to touch the wall and turn around again'. this has been a great touring summer for poco - we're playing like a well oiled machine, and i'm proud to be a part of it.. lots of shows still coming up - mammoth lake, ca this weekend. i hear it's big...

sales of the new craig bickhardt/jack sundrud project, idlewheel are wheeling right along (and not idly). join the burgeoning masses appreciating this new collection.

this just in from Minor 7th Magazine:
"What it Was They Became" 2005
Keith Miles' songs emerge from a place where bluegrass, country, the Grateful Dead, and Jack Kerouac converge. In the liner notes, Miles -- largely a living room player -- explains how he came to record this debut and characterizes his talent as "rudimentary." He sells himself short. There are limits to his gentle voice, but he knows how to use it and how to put across songs convincingly (even a surprising cover of Mickey Newbury's "Just Dropped In"). More significantly, he is a poet who knows his way around a hook. The record, clearly a labor of love, began when Miles' friend Jack Sundrud convinced him they could realize the sounds he had been hearing in his head for years. With support such as Russ Pahl's steel solo on "Highway 81," Jim Hoke's tasty harmonica, and Sundrud's classy country production values, Miles dream has come true.
- David Kleiner
george grantham's daughter grace has recruited some friends to raise awareness and funds for george's on-going medical expenses. community, news and fun stuff at: puttingourheadstogether.org ... last week, i went on an extremely emotional and gratifying trip with my mom, dad and brother, scott up to my homeland - northern minnesota. we visited the homestead sites of both my father's family and my mother's. we stopped at both of their childhood homes (now long gone, but still rich in memories), we drove through my boyhood hometown and even visited the church where my brothers and i fidgeted as kids. my folks have lived in incredibly rich and changing times. their people were family farmers, small town implement dealers and seamstresses. they fed families through the depression without electricity, plumbing or ipods. when i'm impatiently waiting for the microwave to heat my coffee tomorrow morning, i'll pause and try to be grateful for the fact that i have charmin - and not sears and roebuck. i love you mom and dad...
at the risk of being redundant, i'll be redundant - again.. don't forget to download a free, full length song from the new craig bickhardt / jack sundrud cd, idlewheel. simply click here.. and don't say i never gave you anything... next, look for this ad in the upcoming edition of "no depression" magazine. i've been pushing the learning curve in the graphic design department here. thanks to jon r. for the tips.. poco is off to montgomery, al this weekend. tentative plans to do some studio recording this fall. the band is in fine form these days - we're having a lot of fun playing music. ain't that what it's all about? like i've said before, i love my gig...
the new cd by yours truly and my co-writer craig bickhardt is finally back from manufacturing.. this is a collection of songs craig and i wrote and produced while working as staff writers in music city. the tunes fit together so well that we've started a virtual band and may even get a virtual bus! for more info on the disc and for ordering, click here -or- visit craig's store (at craig's site, you can get a free download of one of the songs)

just got back from a 10 day poco trip. big fun - very big fun. along about mid-summer, we really start to get our road groove on. thanks, as usual, to all the poconuts who came out in support - always great to see you guys. (dorothy - kick your doctor's ass, ok?)
coming very soon - a new cd by craig bickhardt and myself, featuring songs recorded over the last few years. we've called the project 'idlewheel'. i'll keep you posted...
poco had a wonderful trip to europe. belgium, holland, france.. the scenery, the people - awesome. i've been quite jet-lagged since my return... i had the opportunity to fill in for mike reilly with pure prairie league this past saturday. i had a great time with the band and truly enjoyed the music. here's wishing you a speedy recovery, my friend... dr. al saxon is offering silver poco pins for sale (click here for pdf order form). proceeds to benefit the george grantham fund. george's daughter grace is in music city to do some fund raising for her father's fund as well. i saw george today, briefly. he sends his best to all you poco fans out there. he looked good - healthy...
poco is off to europe on monday. i'm still excited when i get the opportunity to go over there. there are many percs to my gig... sue and i are selling our log cabin on the buffalo river. it's a truly amazing place.. too busy, need the money..
the 2006 kweevak.com music awards are in. Poco's "Bareback At Big Sky" was the #9 pick, and my CD, "By My Own Hand" came in #15. Many thanks to all who voted and to Rich, Dan and the gang at Kweevak for their awesome site and continued support of independent music.
my artist friend sarah kaufman does an oil painting every morning and sends an image of the day's work out to all on her mailing list. i love it.. you can sign up by going to sarahkaufmanart.com
keith miles new cd is now available! i produced it, but even if i hadn't, i'd tell you that you must have this disc! keith is an old friend and a wonderful singer/songwriter. you can listen to clips and order from keithmiles.com... if you've never been to wildwood springs lodge, near steelville, missouri, you're missing out on a unique and very sweet experience. poco did 2 shows there a couple of weekends ago. we'll be back there in october. you must drop everything and join us... afterward, i drove up to minnesota to visit family. always so wonderful to hang out with mom and dad and bro' scott. my visit was, as usual, too brief. i drove 2 days back to nashville and hopped a plane to clearwater, fla. where we did a show with pinmonkey and lou gram, among others on saturday. meantime, our friend mike riley from pure prairie league was taken ill and we were called in, last minute, to join craig fuller in atlanta for a private show. craig sounds awesome, as usual. you can go to pureprairieleague.com to let the guys know you're wishing mike well.
john, paul, george and rusty - photo by mary young, 4/9/06
poco did 2 shows in Nashville this past weekend. friday we played the grand ole opry, which was really a thrill for us all. poco's first time! little jimmy dickens, connie smith, bill anderson and old friend vince gill, as well as many other country luminaries were on hand. friends dorothy, marc, sharon and jeff drove hundreds of miles into the belly of a terrible tornado to be with us. nearby hendersonville sustained heavy damage with 11 fatalities. sad news... saturday night was at the mercy lounge - one of nashville's coolest spots. a big bunch of poco and pinmonkey fans filled the joint. pinmonkey started off blazing with edgy bluegrass tinged music from their new cd. bill lloyd, michael kelsh and 'heart of the night' sax man phil kenzie sat in with us for a truly memorable night of music... today, we all went to visit george grantham, who sends his love and thanks to all for the continuing support. i mostly listened, as rusty, paul and george reminisced. the talk and the memories were warm and fragrant as the day. springtime in tennessee...
poco is playing at the grand ole opry on friday, april 7th - then again in nashville at the mercy lounge saturday night. easy going for me, but i'm the only poco guy currently living in nashville. seems we live in 4 different cities these days... my good friends jim & jeri from kansas city sent word that their daughter, megan birdsall is tearing it up on the jazz scene. why i remember when megan was born (i'm not old, i'm just.....just.....ok, i'm old).. and so it goes...
poco's gig last night in denver was fantastic. we played at red and jerry's with our friends pure prairie league. a big, warm, rowdy bunch of folks made the night rock, indeed... i also had the pleasure of dinner with my niece, nephew and grand niece(?). i've got a great job, y'all... also, sessioncats.com is starting to take off. requests are coming in. another thing i love doing - recording rusty young... and - keith miles cd is off at manufacturing. you can look forward to some unique, extremely cool music available soon...
i'll be doing the featured writer spot at the bluebird cafe this sunday night, march 12th. the show starts at 8 with about a dozen young writers who've auditioned for a slot playing 3 songs each. i go on 9:30-ish. should be fun..
poco's 'bareback' and yours truly's 'by my own hand' are both nominated for 'best indie cd' at the kweevak.com music awards. go there and cast your vote. no pressure, but if i don't win, my family will go hungry...
new review of "by my own hand" on the home page. written in swedish and translated by peter h... things have been pretty quiet here. detoxing from too much work... i entered one of the photoshop contests at worth1000.com. 'mate a movie' was the theme. i like to call this entry "bambi's revenge"... we'll be mastering keith miles' cd next week. i'll keep you posted as to release date, etc.
we barely beat the blizzard out of the northeast this past saturday. poco's show at the stone pony in asbury park, nj will be rescheduled soon... been working with keith miles on artwork for his upcoming cd, "what it was they became". i enjoy wearing different hats - literally - i've got a stack of ballcaps that i pull out when i'm tired of being me. i kid. we're going to master his cd probably within a week or 2. manufacturing to follow. i'll keep you posted. i'm sure anyone who drops by my site will really enjoy keith's music...
poco had a great first gig of '06 in springfield, il last weekend. it was so sweet to have paul return in such fine form. that inimitable voice was stronger than ever - his guitar playing in top form. we didn't really know what to expect; he's been recovering from serious illness, but he blew us away... off tomorrow morning for long island... just last night (2am, actually), i sent off the last of the tunes for the keith miles project. wonderful, fresh music written and sung by a dear old friend. i've been working in my usual project mode: obsessed, intensely enjoying it and not paying attention to the lack of rest. it's been extremely rewarding and i can't wait for everyone and their brother to hear it...
my friend tony is selling a whole bunch of great recording studio gear, plus amps and guitars. i've listed them on ebay. click here to check them out... i spoke with paul cotton a few days ago. he's in fine health and spirits and is anxious to hit the road... the keith miles project is nearing completion, albeit with a detour or 2. more on that later... i gotta share this with you. our sweet, lovable yet stubborn and sometimes destructive girl dog, lila is sitting on the floor behind me. it's been raining all day, and she has found a large, mud encrusted dog bone out in the yard somewhere - i don't know where it came from, maybe she had buried it. anyway, she's dragged it into my office and is in the process of demolishing it. the rug is already pretty trashed, so i don't mind (the reader is asked not to judge me by my rug)...
fresh page here. new year and all. and a new way to get everyone's favorite cd - mine. to your left in the "order on-line" area, you'll see that "sunlight of the spirit music" has been added to the list of cyber-music stores who stock my new release. my friend gracie has just launched a new website featuring recovery music and other good stuff. check it out. btw, yours truly is currently the featured artist... the keith miles project is taking shape nicely. wonderful songs. fun, fun project. once again, i'm reminded of the depth and creativity of the musicians here in nashville. i'll post any pertinent info about the project when we're finished... my re-order shipment of "by my own hand" cds has arrived! make sure you get a crisp, new copy for '06. they wear out, you know... poco will hit the road refreshed and gratefully welcoming back captain cotton - the end of january. i smell a good year...


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